IELTS Speaking Part 2 (B)

Discussion about Spending Money

Describe an interesting discussion you had about how you spend your money.

You should say:

  • who you had the discussion with
  • why you discussed this topic
  • what the result of the discussion was

and explain why this discussion was interesting for you.

Important Conversation in the Past

Describe a conversation you had in the past, which is very important to you.

You should say:

  • whom you had it with
  • when it was
  • what you learned from it

and explain why you consider it to be an important conversation you had.

An Advertisement

Describe an advertisement that you remember.

You should say:

  • what type of advertisement it is
  • what it advertised
  • where you saw it

and explain why you remember this advertisement.

A Complaint

Describe a time when you complained about something.

You should say:

  • what was the issue
  • whom you complained about it
  • what the result was

and explain how you felt about it.

Complaint about a Service

Talk about a service which was not good and that you complained about.

You should say:

  • what service it was
  • who provided this service
  • why you needed it

and explain what was done after you complained about it.  

Skill that Takes a long time to learn

Describe a skill that takes a long time to learn.

You should say:

  • what the skill is
  • how useful that skill is in our daily life
  • why it takes a long time to learn

and explain how you can learn that skill.

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